Welcome to the Notre Dame Academy Physical Education homepage. Here you will find important information regarding ND Academy’s "Fit For Life" daily physical fitness program.


Daily PE


critical component of Notre Dame Academy’s physical education program is the offering of daily PE for the EYC and Lower School and as an elective for our Middle School and Upper School. In Middle School and Upper School, classes are comprised of students participating in team sports activities where they have the opportunity to demonstrate their teamwork, skill, cooperation with others, and sportsmanship. Students will participate in Health and Fitness classes that are designed to enhance their knowledge of their own wellness, which will aid them in making positive, healthy choices in life. In the Elementary grade levels, we focus on two different components: skill-related activities and game-play fitness related activates. This broad spectrum allows the students to develop their fine motor skills and allows them to further understand the basic skills that are necessary in a variety of sports, physical fitness activities, and play. All students also participate in the annual, nationally recognized FitnessGram assessment, an age-based (not grade-level based) and gender-appropriate test that benchmarks our students against national standards. In our most recent FitnessGram student testing, 100% of our ND Academy students placed at or above the national average for their age and gender in at least two of the fitness tests. At Notre Dame Academy, we seek to build the health and confidence of our students so that they may further excel in the classroom, on the court, and on the field.

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