Media Center

Mission of the Media Center

The mission of the Notre Dame Academy Media Center is to create a vibrant, welcoming environment that enables each student to grow in knowledge set in the context of the Catholic faith. 


ur goal is not only to foster a love of learning and reading, but also to assist in fully educating each student by supporting the school's curriculum, collaborating with staff to design learning opportunities, and assisting the entire school community in becoming effective and critical users of print, non-print and electronic information sources. 


The Notre Dame Academy collection totals over 10,000 items.Our digital collection, available 24/7, includes World Book Web, over 300 volumes of reference books, our Overdrive collection of audio books and ebooks that can be downloaded to your personal devices, and other electronic resources. Passwords for these digital resources are available from the Media Specialist.

Circulation Policies

As a general rule, Pre-K to first grade students may check out one book at a time, second through fifth grade students may check out two books at a time, and sixth through eighth grade students may check out four books at a time. In the event that students have their limit checked out, we have a Saving Shelf to hold books until other materials are returned. Books and magazines may be checked out for one week. Books may be renewed at least once.

Some of the books in our collection are "Young Adult" library materials that will be available only to students in sixth through eighth grade. Books are labeled YA because of their length and reading difficulty and/or because they may deal with more mature themes. All the YA books in our collection are chosen in accordance with our selection policy. If you are the parent of a student in grades 6-8 and would prefer that your son or daughter not have full access to YA materials, please let the media specialist know in writing, and the student's status will be changed in the circulation computer. In addition, parents of younger children may request, in writing, that they be allowed access to our entire collection, including YA books.

Overdue or Lost Books

Students are expected to return books by the due date, which is stamped inside the book at checkout. Students with overdue library books will not be able to borrow additional books until the overdue books are returned. Overdue notices are given to the homeroom teacher. When the library book is one to two weeks overdue, a notice from the school library media center will be sent home.

There will be no overdue fines. If a book is lost or damaged beyond repair, however, the student will be charged the replacement cost. Students who have outstanding fines for library books at the end of the school year will have report cards held until the fine is paid.