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Parent U

PARENT UNIVERSITY launched in August 2016 and exists to bridge communication between Notre Dame Academy and our parents on important topics. Over the course of the school year, PARENT U will host a variety of speakers that will address issues and topics that are relevant in our world. The series will include a variety of speakers and conversations related to our educational programs. Some of the sessions will be geared for parents only, while others will encourage parents and students to attend together. The goal of PARENT U is to spark conversation in our community and allow us to learn from outside experts and from one another.

PARENT U will include three different types of sessions over the course of the academic year:

  • Open Coffee: Monthly, we will host a coffee with a school administrator and invite all parents to attend. There will be no specific topic or agenda, but instead will simply offer a forum to discuss topics that are relevant at the moment.
  • Lessons In School : These meetings will cover various topics directly related to the operations of the school and are designed to provide parents with a deeper understanding of various aspects of our instructional program. Topics may include information sessions on ManageBac, Middle Years Programme (MYP) Assessment, Sacramental Preparation, and more. Each of these sessions will have a specific topic to be addressed and conclude with an opportunity for Q & A.
  • Special Guest Speaker: Monthly we will host a guest speaker from outside our community. The guest speakers will present on a variety of topics relevant to our community. These talks will be targeted to just parents and other will encourage parent and child to attend. The goal of the talk is to spark conversation and dialogue around a wide variety of topics.

Our goal is to communicate, collaborate, learn, and grow...together. If you have a specific topic you would be interested in adding to our year-long schedule of events, please reach out to your Principal. We hope you can attend our Parent University sessions.

Upcoming Events:

Past Events:


  • 4/27/17 Open Coffee with Ms. Mary Ann Thompson, ND Academy School Counselor (8:30 AM)


  • 3/7/17 - Academic Progress Report for 4th & 5th Grade Students (6:00 PM)
  • 3/8/17 - Academic Progress Report for 4th & 5th Grade Students (2:15 PM)
  • 3/9/17 - Middle School Progress Report (7:00 PM)
  • 3/10/17 - Middle School Progress Report (8:30 AM)
  • 3/14/27 - Presenting Notre Dame Academy's Strategic Plan (7:00 PM)
  • 3/15/17 - Strategic Plan Open Coffee (8:30 AM)


  • 2/2/17 - Re-Enrollment at Notre Dame Academy (6:30 PM)
  • 2/8/17 - Guest Speaker, J. Tom Morgan (7:00 PM)


  • 1/30/17 - Guest Speaker, Kevin Glass, Headmaster of Atlanta International School (7:00 PM)


  • 12/1/16 - Understanding MYP (8:30 AM)
  • 12/14/16 - Open Coffee with EYC Director, Mrs. Colletta (8:30 AM)


  • 11/10/16 - Guest Speaker, Father John Harhager (7:00 PM)
  • 11/16/16 - Open Coffee with Upper School Principal, Mr. John Henry Spann (8:30 AM)
  • 11/17/16 - Science Lab: Intro to Inquiry Learning (2:00 PM)


  • 10/4/16 - Open Coffee for New Parents (8:30 AM)
  • 10/12/16 - Guest Speaker, Father Richard Lopez (7:00 PM)
  • 10/24/16 - Diploma Programme Information Night (6:30 PM)
  • 10/25/16 - Open Coffee with Middle School Principal, Mrs. Derucki (8:30 AM)


  • 9/11/16 - Play Like A Champion TodayClinics: Coach Clinic (10:00 AM - 1:00 PM), Mass (1:30 PM), Parent Clinic (5:00-6:15 PM)
  • 9/12/16 - MYP Assessment Meeting (6:30 PM)
  • 9/13/16 - MYP Assesment Meeting (8:30 AM)
  • 9/21/16 - Open Coffee with Lower School Principal, Mr. Kluesner (8:30 AM)