Five Pillars

ND Academy Parent Perspective

Notre Dame Academy is a wonderful school environment that offers a unique educational experience for our students and families.  But don't take our word for it!  See why families are choosing a Notre Dame Academy education for their children, directly from NDA parents themselves:

In Their Own Words... 

“We are so happy to have found a school where all 3 of our unique children, with different personalities and learning styles, absolutely thrive. Since walking in the doors six years ago, we have been overwhelmed with the quality of teachers and administrators, warmed by the caring community of families, and excited by the variety of activities and sports. We cannot say enough about our love for NDA.”

-Susan & Gus Pina, ND Academy Parents

“We wanted a strong and challenging educational environment for our daughter that was both inclusive and multi-cultural. Notre Dame offers all of that plus the values foundation and worldview that come from being a Marist and International Baccalaureate school. The commitment to its students and sense of family at Notre Dame has confirmed that we made the right choice and is why we are excited about the future at Notre Dame and committed to supporting its Capital Campaign to expand and enhance the school.”

-David & Toni Gruber, ND Academy Parents

"We love Notre Dame Academy because of their emphasis on Faith, Knowledge and Community. It is preparing our son for his future with all aspects of his life. Watching our child develop and grow each year has been an amazing experience while at the same time, he loves it! With the recent decision to add the High School we no longer need to worry about where we need to go next, and that is a great Peace of mind for our family!"

-The Dawkins Family

 “As Marist alumni, it is very important that our children are given the complete educational opportunity we were provided by our parents. The combination of academic, spiritual, social and physical development we are seeing in our son is exciting. We are blessed to be a part of the NDA family.” 

- Patrick and Josephine Clingan, ND Academy Parents

"In addition to providing a strong academic education, Notre Dame Academy teaches students to apply Catholic values through service to others.  The teachers, staff, students and parents form a strong, supportive community for a nurturing environment."

- The Betz Family

“When we moved our three boys from terrific schools in Boston MA area, we were concerned about being able to find a similar educational environment.  Notre Dame not only met our needs, it exceeded our expectations with outstanding teachers, a curriculum focused on challenging our children and a well-rounded approach that mixes getting the basics right with inquiry, globally aware knowledge and a caring, ethical, catholic foundation that is aligned with our family’s values.”

-Mike and Jennifer Nolte, ND Academy Parents

"Notre Dame Academy has and continues to be a very special place for our family.  Caring teachers and faculty make the school what it is.  We are thrilled to send our children to this wonderful environment every day."

- Ashleigh and Brett Buhler, ND Academy Parents

  "NDA has been a blessing from God for our family. It allows our daughters to learn in a faith-based environment, while having the unique opportunity of being in the IB curriculum, a rarity in the Atlanta area. Through the years, we have witnessed our two daughters grow in knowledge, faith, fitness, compassion and wisdom, all with a spirit of curiosity and a desire to be connected to what is happening around the world. We are truly blessed to have NDA in our lives in our region." 

-Santiago and Patti Marquez, ND Academy Parent

   "As a founding family, Notre Dame Academy has provided an outstanding educational experience for our three girls. After moving on from Notre Dame, our oldest is excelling at Marist because of the educational foundation that was built at Notre Dame. The parental involvement and sense of community is what separates Notre Dame from other schools, public or private." 

-Michael and Melissa Hay, ND Academy Parents

“The first ad I saw for NDA said, "Have faith in your child's education." We did just that and got so much more than a loving environment where our Catholic beliefs are celebrated. It feels like an extended family that we are proud to be a part of since 2006.”

-Joe and Kelly George, ND Academy Parents

“Our children have attended Notre Dame Academy since it opened its doors and we’ve been thrilled with the role the school has played in their academic, spiritual, social and physical growth and development.  In addition to helping us shape who they are, the school has been a family to us and provides a sense of community that we don’t believe can be found in other schools.  It’s been a wonderful experience for us and one we highly recommend to other families who are seeking not only an academically challenging, but nurturing environment for their children.”

-Michael & Kim Klosky, ND Academy Parents

The Notre Dame Academy community fulfills our family’s desire for our children to learn in a creative, holistic, spiritual, and academic environment.  We view the Notre Dame Academy staff, parents, and schoolmates as a welcome extension of our family.  We never knew that a school could offer such a robust experience both inside and outside the classroom.

-Fran & Mike Tartaglione, ND Academy Parents

“In Notre Dame Academy we found a school that provides academic excellence grounded in the Catholic faith and values. The students learn using the latest technology and teaching methods while also building self-confidence and caring for others. Our children thrive due to the teachers, staff and administration's commitment to learning, student well-being, and personal development.”

-Bill and Kerianne Maloney, ND Academy Parents

“Since our first tour, we felt this was the perfect place for our daughters.  Three years later, we still have the same feelings and are forever grateful for this wonderful school.”

-Sandy and David Bianco, ND Academy Parents

"Notre Dame Academy has been a part of our family's life for the past 8 years.  It is more than a great school filled with top-notch educators, administrators, and families.    It is our second home.   NDA teaches a world-class curriculum as well as religious core values with the love and care you won't find anywhere else.  NDA truly offers the perfect balance of everything our children need to be successful in life."    

-Adrienne & Jude Brautigan, ND Academy Parents

  "Britt and I believe the three most important things we can give our children are our love, our faith in God, and a good education.  NDA helps us with all three of these."   

- John & Britt Fleck, ND Academy Parents

  "We moved our children to NDA 4 years ago. Our daughter recently graduated from 8th grade and is moving on to high school. Both of our children have blossomed in this nurturing and challenging educational environment.  Coming to NDA was a 'game changer' for our family as the school has become integrated into our lives.  We feel like the school is an extension of our family values."   

-Chris and Nicolle Lalomia, ND Academy Parents

T he Five Pillars of Notre Dame Academy are Faith, Knowledge, Service, Fitness and Technology.  These are the principles on which the school was founded and by which it continues to grow.  The Five Pillars represent the well-rounded instructional values at NDA that seek to develop the whole child.