Service Learning

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critical aspect of our Faith is our ability to guide each student to have a heart for Service. Our Service Learning Program is a model platform that serves as a best-in-class example for other local schools. We have all of our students fully engaged in service projects throughout the year. The opportunities for service are numerous and allow our students to continuously give back to our local community.

One of Notre Dame Academy's missions is to form responsible men and women. To that end, students at Notre Dame Academy are given the opportunity to put their learning into practice. Each year, students pursue a year-long study of a specific societal problem and then participate in a service project to address that need. Notre Dame Academy partners with organizations such as the Duluth Cooperative Ministries, Peachtree Christian Hospice, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, Annandale Village, and Beacon of Hope.


Notre Dame Academy partners with organizations such as:

Click here to view NDA's "Five Pillars: Service" video.


Notre Dame Academy's unique service learning curriculum offers many important benefits:

  • Increased sense of citizenship and social responsibility
  • Development of stronger problem-solving skills
  • Increased leadership skills
  • Greater cultural awareness and tolerance
  • Improved ability to work with others