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Gifted and Talented Program

Students between grades one and five who are identified as gifted (see criteria sheet) are seen weekly for small group enrichment instruction in language arts or math. 

How does the Gifted and Talented Program Serve All Students at Notre Dame Academy?

As part of the gifted program, Primary Education Thinking Skills classes are taught to all students in grades one to three. This allows children to understand and practice six thinking styles: evaluative, convergent, analytical, visual/spatial perception, divergent, and inventive. The goal of this is to improve overall problem solving and allow different students an opportunity to shine in their area of strength. It also helps students to understand that each talent is valuable, to practice all of them, and to think about their own thinking (metacognition). In fourth and fifth grades, this critical thinking program evolves to higher order thinking skills are taught to the whole class through things such as: solving mystery stories, deductive logic puzzles, anagrams, and many other critical thinking exercises.

After School Enrichment Programs Sponsored by the Gifted and Talented Program 

Kid Chess: Once a week after school students in grades one through eight may enroll in our after school chess program. 

Math Olympiad: Notre Dame Academy has an after school Math Olympiad Team for grades four, five, and six. There are more than 5,000 teams from 49 states and 31 countries involved in Math Olympiad competitions. Our students participate in five math competitions during the year. Non-competition meetings involve group practice and review in math. 

Registration for both of these programs are available through Notre Dame Academy's AsceND Program.

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Mrs. Jean Dickerson
Gifted and Talented Program Coordinator