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Extracurricular Activities

Notre Dame Academy offers a wide variety of after-school extracurricular activities under the Ascend Program.

These programs are meant to enhance the unique talents of each student outside of the classroom, while strengthening core values like teamwork and leadership.

See below for an example of the many extracurricular activities that ND Academy has to offer.

In an effort to expand and provide diverse Ascend programs, the registration page may have different programs than listed here. Please refer to the Active registration page for a complete and accurate listing of this semesters Ascend offerings.

2019-20 Session Ascend Programs - Available Now!





How do I register/pay for a program?

Registration for all programs begins August 29, 2019. Registration for all programs (except Kid Chess) will be available via the Ascend Program Registration Site on Active. You should create an Active account to log-in regularly. Notre Dame Academy uses Active to host its registration pages, we do not have access to your username and login information through Active.

Who do I contact with questions?

Please contact the individual program leader via email for all questions regarding the program.


How do students get to their Ascend program?

After their regular school day, students will head to the Schroeder Hall Library to get “picked up” and checked in by their Ascend Program leaders.

How do I pick up my student from their Ascend program?

Each Ascend program takes place in a different area on campus. After the program is over, you will meet your student and their Ascend program leader outside of the building that the program takes place. If your student is going to Einstein’s After Care, then you will pick up your child from aftercare.

What do I do if I am running late on picking up my student?

If you are running late, please send an email to your program leader and let them know. They may decide to drop your student off at Einstein’s After Care, and an additional fee may apply.

Are Ascend programs only for Notre Dame Academy students?

Yes, due to the Ascend programs extension of the school day, these programs are only available to Notre Dame Academy students.