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COVID-19 Updates 2021-2022

Notre Dame Academy COVID-19 Updates

(Updated 8/27/2021)

The purpose of this information is to outline protocols and guidelines regarding COVID-19 for the 2021-2022 school year. These guidelines have been developed specifically for Notre Dame Academy in accordance with the recommendation of local health authorities. Please review these guidelines carefully and contact the Erin Finneran, Health Director, if you have additional questions or concerns regarding COVID-19. All protocols and guidelines set forth in this document are subject to change.

Masking is optional for all students except when physical distancing may be difficult or cannot be maintained.

  • Mask are optional, however, all students will be asked to bring a mask to school.
  • All students may be asked to wear a mask when in confined and unventilated areas, i.e. changing rooms, etc… (or when deemed needed by the staff member.)
  • If a student does not have a mask, the school will provide one when needed.
  • If a student has been cleared to return to school but is coughing, sneezing, etc…the student must return to school wearing a mask.
  • Under federal law, masks are required for all passengers and drivers in school-sponsored transportation.

Current federal and state regulations require the wearing of masks when on buses and school transportation vehicles regardless of vaccination status or school masking policy. It will be required of all Notre Dame Academy staff and students to adhere to this regulation.

Sanitation of common areas will be performed repeatedly throughout the day. Middle school classrooms as well as the cafeteria are sanitized between periods to insure a clean space for all students. Shared materials are kept to minimum, however, any materials that are shared between students are sanitized between each use. 

  • Will be cleaned daily
  • Shared classroom & spaces will be wiped down with
  • Disinfectant will be available in each classroom and work space
  • Areas in which someone with COVID-19 was in the past 24 hours will be fogged
  • Hand sanitizer will be available in each classroom, work space, and commonly used public spaces

Social Distancing
Social distancing between students is maintained by having students sit at least 3 feet apart in the classrooms and by staggering our lunch times to allow for greater distance between students while eating in the cafeteria. 

  • Classroom desks will be 3 or more feet apart where possible.
  • Teachers will be 6 feet from students in the classroom..
  • Physical education classes, sports, and extracurricular activities will physically distance as possible.

We look forward to welcoming visitors to campus but ask that they make an appointment with the person or group they are meeting in advance. All visitors are asked to follow the same guidelines as faculty, staff, and students.

Positive Cases
Families of students who test positive for COVID-19 must notify Erin Finneran, Health Director, immediately and isolate for 10 days from the onset of symptoms, or the date of the positive test if asymptomatic. Students with a suspected case of COVID-19 should isolate while symptomatic and may not return to school until they receive test results confirming that it is not COVID-19. Contact tracing will be performed with a focus on all Notre Dame Academy related activities and primary contacts will be notified of exposure by Erin Finneran, Health Director,.

Primary Contacts of Exposure to COVID-19

Close contact is defined as exposure to an infected individual by being within 6 feet for 15 cumulative minutes over 24 hours.

Individuals who are in close contact with someone who has COVID-19 will be required to quarantine per school policy. This policy aligns with the Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) quarantine guidelines.

After close contact with an infectious/active case of COVID-19, it is possible to develop COVID-19 at any point during the 14-day incubation period. As such, it is necessary to monitor for symptoms of COVID-19 for the 14 days after last close contact. If symptoms of COVID-19 develop during the 14 days, it is assumed that the individual in close contact has contracted COVID-19 and that individual must isolate.

Students who have been in close contact to a positive case of COVID-19 may be required to quarantine for 10 days from the last date of exposure. Please contact Erin Finneran, Health Director, to determine the appropriate time frame for quarantine. Close contact is defined as being within six feet for 15 cumulative minutes in a 24 hour period.

COVID-19 Quarantine Exemption
Students who are fully vaccinated from COVID-19 will be exempt from having to quarantine, as long as they remain asymptomatic after exposure to a positive case. Fully vaccinated students who are exposed to a positive case who develop multiple COVID-19 symptoms will be required to quarantine for 10 days from the last date of exposure. Please contact Erin Finneran, Health Director, to determine the appropriate time frame for quarantine.

At Notre Dame Academy, the following criteria can shorten the time spent in quarantine:

  • The individual has a negative PCR test done on or after day 5 of quarantine
  • The individual may return to campus on day 6 IF
    • they agree to wear a mask through day 10 except when eating and during rigorous exercise
    • physically distance (except during sports)
    • and isolate if they develop symptoms 

A copy of a student's COVID-19 vaccination record should be given to Erin Finneran, Health Director, in order for a student to be granted exemption from quarantine.

Additionally, students who have recovered from a positive case of COVID-19 will be exempt from having to quarantine for 90 days from the date of their positive test. You must report positive cases to Erin Finneran, Health Director, when they occur and receive a rapid antigen test or PCR test in order to be granted exemption from quarantine.

Symptomatic Students
If a student presents with one or more of the following symptoms, they will be sent home and may not return to campus until their symptoms resolve or they receive clearance to return from a physician.

  • Loss smell/taste
  • Shortness of breath/difficulty breathing
  • New cough 
  • Fever/chills
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Sore throat

Students with known/recurring conditions (i.e. seasonal allergies, gastrointestinal issues) may return while symptomatic with a doctor’s note or if it is a recurring issue that is reported to Erin Finneran, Health Director,.  

Symptomatic students who are awaiting results of a PCR test are required to remain home until the test results have been received.  

Excused Absence (EA) - Students who are exhibiting signs and symptoms of COVID-19 (with or without a known exposure) may not permitted to attend school while symptomatic and will be marked EA on PowerSchool. Please contact Erin Finneran, Health Director, to determine the appropriate time frame for quarantine.

Quarantine/Isolation Absence (Q) - Students who are in an active quarantine or isolation will be marked Q on PowerSchool and are not permitted to be on campus or participate in Notre Dame Academy's sponsored activities until cleared by the Please contact Erin Finneran, Health Director

Academics/Make-up Work
In the event that a student is affected by contact tracing due to close contact and/or exhibits symptoms of COVID-19, we will follow the make-up policies in the Parent/Student Handbook. Students/Parents are encouraged to communicate with teachers to create the best make-up plan as they may differ based on subject matter. No student will be academically penalized for being quarantined. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Erin Finneran, Health Director.