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Performing Arts

Welcome to Performance Arts and Music Education at Notre Dame Academy!


All of the courses offered in this genre will focus on performance as a means of personal expression within a supportive community. At ND Academy, students in EYC to Lower School attend music class once a week. In Middle School and Upper School, a variety of courses are offered to these students including Band, Theatre and Musical Theatre to which they select as electives.


  • Pep Band at Home Football Games
  • Open House (Band)
  • US One-Act Play and Competition
  • 3rd Grade Fall Musical
  • Christmas Band and Choir Concert
  • Sing for Santa Concert at Gwinnett Gladiators
  • MS Play
  • EYC Christmas Concert
  • Advent Cantata
  • Pep Rallies (Band)
  • US Student Let Winter Show
  • GISA All Select Band
  • GISA Literary Competition
  • ITS and JITS Spring Show and Food Drive
  • 4th Grade Elementary Musical
  • EYC, Lower and Middle School Grandparents and Special Friends Day Concerts
  • Music and Dance Recital at Evening of the Arts
  • US Spring Musical
  • Spring Band and Choir Concert
  • MS Spring Musical
  • Kindergarten Graduation
  • Parent Celebrations throughout the year as a part of the Primary Years Programme
  • Evening of the Arts (Band)

Performing Arts Curriculum


The band program, led by Dr. Tia Roper, consists of three different ensembles: 6th Grade Beginner Band, Middle School Symphonic Band, and Upper School Symphonic Band. Students will find that being involved in the NDA Band Program is an exciting and rewarding experience that promotes team-building and showcases creativity. Through their performances, the bands demonstrate how impactful music is by presenting inspiring performances. The NDA bands enhance and positively contribute to every event they are a part of!


6th Grade Beginner Band: Students will discover the fundamentals of their chosen instrument. They will learn how to read music, how to follow the conductor, proper instrument technique & execution of phrases, how to play basic melodies, and how to compose primary melodies. They will learn all of the basic and essential skills of performing in an ensemble. As the semester progresses, so does the repertoire. Our beginner musicians will gain knowledge and flourish in a fun & productive learning environment. The semester culminates in a concert presented at the George Student Center.

Symphonic Bands: Students in the Symphonic Bands will find these ensembles extremely versatile. These groups play music from the contemporary & standard concert and symphonic repertoire. The ensembles offer every student the opportunity to build proficiency beyond his or her current skill level. Band members perform throughout the semester in concert and assembly settings. Students also participate in the District Honor Band and All-State Band Auditions. Additionally, several students perform in the GISA All-Select Band. Along with these events, Upper School Symphonic Band Members perform popular music as members of the NDA Pep Band at all football home games.

Skills Developed in the NDA Band Program:

●      Advancement of technical facility on your instrument

●      Reading and notating music

●      Improvising melodies, variations, and accompaniments

●      Composing and arranging music within specified guidelines

●      Sight reading proficiency


Knowledge Developed

●      Understanding relationships between music, other art forms, and disciplines outside of the arts

●      Understanding music in relation to history and culture

●      Appreciation of music of multiple styles and genres

●      Aptitude to analyze and describe music in its fundamental terms

●      Proficiency to evaluate music and music performances    

Upper School Theatre

Theatre is a year-long performance-based class. Easy year, students participate in a fall one-act competition, perform a student led show in January and present a musical in the spring.  Cast members study acting, improvisation, singing, dancing, set design, costuming, and stage tech as they prepare for their performances.

Middle School Theatre

Theatre is a performance-based class.  Students prepare a play in the fall and a musical in the spring.  Students may enroll in one or both semesters.  Cast members study acting, set design, costuming and stage tech as they prepare for their final performance, in addition to the historical and social perspectives found in the selection.

EYC/ Lower School

Music classes are taught using a fluency based Orff Approach. Students learn music using the following activities:

  • singing and playing instruments
  • movement
  • composition and improvisation
  • looking at music through both a cultural and historical lens

We use folk songs and dances, children's literature, and a variety of rhythm activities in the music class room. The curriculum used is Game Plan.

In 4th and 5th grade, the curriculum is supported through learning recorders. Students being with simple three-note music in 4th grade and expand to a fairly complex music by the end of the 5th grade. Each month, students are required to present their accomplishments through "belt" tests, graded solo performances of prepared songs.

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