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President and Principal Welcome

Welcome to Notre Dame Academy! By visiting this site, our hope is that you will be inspired by our Mission, attracted to our offerings, and compelled to join our wonderful and faith-filled educational community.


We are blessed to partner with our parents to challenge each child to develop a global perspective, foster a love of learning, and instill a foundation of faith.  

Through the richness of faith and the International Baccalaureate Program, our focus is on helping our students reach their God-given potential and to make a positive difference in the world.  

How does Notre Dame Academy live and advance her Mission? By listening to the voices of those being served and inspiring them to own the process of change and growth. Together, we trust that our Vision will provide inspiration; our Mission will provide purpose; and our Traditionsexpertise and voices will provide direction.

Notre Dame Academy is a vibrant learning community of exceptional teachers that challenge, celebrate, and support students at every stage of their educational journey. Each teacher is dedicated to your child’s success. That dedication is a balance of quick smiles, leadership, role models of faith, and a passion for teaching.  

Together, our good-will and collaborative committee will further the Mission of Catholic education in the Archdiocese of Atlanta because it is alive at Notre Dame Academy. It is an honor to have each student at Notre Dame Academy. I invite you to come in, see us, and experience our Mission a little more intimately.  See the difference.  Meet the teachers.  Celebrate the love of learning.  

Kindest regards,

President Willers & Mrs. Julia Derucki 



Meet the Team

President Ken Willers


Mrs. Julia Derucki