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Mission & Values

Rooted in our Marist, Catholic tradition, Notre Dame Academy is a K through 12 International Baccalaureate community that fosters individual academic growth, moral responsibility, and global mindedness.

Inspired to know and love each child, Notre Dame Academy combines knowledge and faith to form wisdom and life vision.


Statement of Purpose

students with rosary beadsThe goal of Notre Dame Academy is to integrate the teachings of the Gospel within the context of academic content. Students with faith have a desire to critically examine the world around them and not accept statements as truths. Knowledge of the Gospel gives power to the learner to remain objective and independent when faced with the attitudes and habits of society. The purpose of the school is to:

  • To create an environment that provides the students with role models who are witnesses to the teachings of Christ.
  • To provide the students with teachers who are certified in their area of expertise, who are skilled practitioners, and who view their responsibilities as a work of love.
  • To acknowledge that parents are the primary educators of their children and that the goal of the school is to include the parents in the operation of the school.
  • To expand the teaching of school subjects to include not only information but also values.
  • To teach civic values of freedom, justice, nobility of work, and the need to pursue social progress.
  • To teach global awareness reinforcing the need for peace, justice, and freedom in today's world.
  • To prepare the students to discover the harmony between faith and science so in the future they can give back to society.
  • To provide students with access to modern and technologically up-to-date equipment within a learning environment of simplicity and evangelical poverty.


  • Promote global awareness by exploring themes that have global relevance and importance.
  • Provide the opportunity for instruction in Spanish, recognizing that the acquisition of more than one language enriches personal growth and helps facilitate international understanding.
  • Offer a service learning curriculum that instructs students in both information and values.
  • Provide modern technology including an iPad and laptop computer for each teacher and a SMARTboard and LCD projector in each classroom, as well as Apple® MacBooks, iMacs, iPads, and iTouch devices for student use in all grade levels.
  • Emphasize personal fitness through a physical education program and a competitive athletic program that teaches student athletes values and work ethics.
  • Develop an appreciation for the fine arts and provide the opportunity to participate in a performance-based program.
  • Provide a challenging academic program with individualized instruction that tracks performance and offers opportunities for enrichment and remediation when necessary.