Notre Dame Academy is Georgia’s only pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade Marist Catholic International Baccalaureate school. With its rigorous IB curriculum, small class sizes, and faith driven mission, Notre Dame Academy offers a unique experience, one you cannot get anywhere else.
Founded in 2005, Notre Dame Academy has always believed in the philosophy and mission of knowing and loving each child, and because of the individualized, world class instruction we are able to offer, this is possible. At our school, it is not a rarity that the students are known by name not only by his or her teachers but by the principal and faculty members of the entire school. As part of our inclusive mission, we are also proud of our school-wide fifty-four percent diversity rate. Our students feel nourished academically, spiritually, and emotionally to a level that’s only possible in a smaller environment.

To accompany our loving and nurturing environment, we also host a faculty and staff that holds advanced degrees to best support and develop our students. While our faculty and staff continue to advance their education to best help our students, they also push our students to reach their full potential. With sponsorship from the Marist Order of Priests, Notre Dame Academy opened on August 14, 2005, with 151 students. This number grew to over 200 by the end of the first year, and Notre Dame Academy opened with 380 students in only its second year. In May of 2019, the school graduated its inaugural senior class. In 2020 100% of our IB candidates earned an International Baccalaureate Diploma.

We cannot succeed on knowledge alone. Notre Dame Academy believes in teaching children to identify problems, work cooperatively as a team, listen to others, take risks, and present their ideas. The academic program, combined with prayer and the teachings of the Catholic Church, provides students with a foundation that prepares them to excel in the global economy with awareness and sensitivity to the needs of others.

Why Notre Dame Academy?

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    Welcome to Notre Dame Academy! By visiting this site, our hope is that you will be inspired by our Mission, attracted to our offerings, and compelled to join our wonderful and faith-filled educational community. Click to read from our president and principals.

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