Academic Development

Notre Dame Academy knows that no two students learn the same way. As a school, we are committed to meeting each child where they are academically while working with them to reach their full potential. Notre Dame Academy's Academic Support Team allows the school to provide personalized instruction to all students whether through learning support, gifted enrichment, or support through our counseling programs.

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  • Gifted Enrichment

    Notre Dame Academy offers Gifted Enrichment to eligible students in first through fifth grades in reading and math. After fifth grade, all students participate in our Middle Years Programme. This participation allows for students who have been identified as gifted and talented to excel in their particular area. of strength while challenging them in all other areas.

    At Notre Dame Academy, we adhere to the Georgia Department of Education Gifted Education Referral and Eligibility. A gifted learner will have aptitude test scores in one of four areas that are at or above the 96th percentile and achievement scores that are at or above the 90th percentile. The curriculum for the Gifted Enrichment student is designed to enrich, extend, and accelerate in the student’s area of strength. The Gifted Enrichment instructor incorporates differentiation of product, process, and content which includes critical and creative thinking, problem-solving activities, and participation in academic contests. The Gifted Enrichment instructor communicates regularly with parents and teachers about curriculum and student progress in the gifted classroom.
  • Learning Support

    1. The Learning Support Program is one of the many ways Notre Dame works to ensure we are effectively and consistently supporting students in grades 1-12. The program goal is to assist students with learning and attention differences in becoming independent learners while they successfully meet the demands of NDA’s academic standard of excellence. These bright, well-rounded students have met the intellectual and academic criteria to be admitted to NDA yet may have particular challenges that may impact the way they learn. Students are guided through instruction in skills that build on their self-awareness, self-advocacy, and study strategies. The umbrella goal is in helping them understand how they learn such that they can develop their God-given strengths and thrive at NDA.
    2. Programming through the Learning Support Program includes reading remediation and academic support at the Lower School, learning support for foundation courses and work/study skills in the Middle School, and work/study skills and support in the Upper School.
    3. As part of the application process, should a student be seeking support through the Learning Support Program, a current educational evaluation (<3years) must be submitted for review. Learning Support Plans are then developed based on the recommendations and areas of need identified in the evaluation.
    4. Learning Support Plans may be Indirect - accommodations only, or Direct - accommodations and service/support from our learning specialists. Please visit our Tuition Schedule for Direct Learning support fees. (link to the tuition and fees page)
    5. Our Staff:
      • Reading specialists trained in the Lindamood Bell ™ method.
      • Learning Specialist support at all grade levels
      • Speech-Language Therapist.

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    Julia Derucki 

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    Katherine Costello 

    Assistant Principal & Curriculum Director
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    Sandra Keith 

    Learning Support & Federal Programs Director
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    Patricia Miletello 

    Primary Years Programme (PYP) Coordinator & Gifted Enrichment Teacher
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    Kathleen Woods 

    College Counseling Director