The Notre Dame Academy International Baccalaureate experience goes beyond the traditional lecture based education. Students are encouraged to become active in the learning process through consistent inquiry, action, and reflection. As a school, we aim to synthesize our Marist rooted mission with the IBO’s mission to create knowledgeable, compassionate, globally minded learners.  We achieve this by directly teaching students the skills they need to be agents of their learning. Learning experiences are designed to reflect student choice, voice, and ownership.

The Middle Years Programme is frequently referred to by its acronym, the MYP. This programme serves all Notre Dame Academy students from the 6th to 10th grade. In the MYP, all learning takes place within global contexts, which stimulate students to connect their learning to the real world. Because learning is placed in a real world context, students are then much more likely to not only retain knowledge and skills but also identify opportunities  to extend their learning beyond the classroom. For example, in a MYP math class, students are not only asked to understand how to factor a circumference but also to then apply that knowledge in a real world context such as building design. In every subject, students are asked to seek and show their knowledge through traditional assessments as well as creative projects that are reflective of the world around them. 

The MYP is also focused on interdisciplinary learning, which means that students will examine concepts across subject area content. This might look like a student analyzing the construction of a text through author choices while also then looking at the spiritual journey of a protagonist in Theology class. The connection across subjects highlights the true nature of real world learning that is not isolated to only one subject, but bridges knowledge between different disciplines.

The MYP is designed to be inclusive and ensure a variety of learning experiences. Students participate in a variety of learning experiences and engage with students with different learning styles.  Learning experiences are carefully crafted to support student academic, personal, and social learning. Teachers are asked to reflect on their classes prior to, during, and after teaching a unit to ensure quality instruction and model the growth mindset central to success as an IB learner.

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  • Information from the IB

    The IBO provides valuable information in reader friendly ways. In this section you will find materials such as FAQs on the Middle Years Programme.
  • Personal Project

    The personal project is a culminating project for all 10th grade students. This project highlights their skills in creative learning, critical thinking, and self management. Students are asked to develop their own learning goal and product then try to create this product and reflect on their success. Projects vary greatly as they reflect the student’s personal interest. This is a chance for students to take true ownership of their learning and create something meaningful.

    Example projects:
    • A student created a solar power battery charger that charged an iPhone using only recycled materials. 
    • A student with 5 different nationalities developed a cookbook that reflected the different 5 cultures. In doing so, this student gained invaluable knowledge on their own cultural background and created a cookbook.
    • A student studied the aerodynamics of baseball to design, develop, and build their own bat. In doing this the student made connections with the woodworking community and still continues this passion to this day. 
    Personal Project Brochure
    Personal Project Guide
    NDA Personal Project Guide (Coming Soon)

    Showcase - A yearly event open to the community for students to showcase their abilities as an IB learner. The showcase is an in person event hosted at Notre Dame Academy each year that highlights our 10th grade students' personal projects. The showcase is a wonderful opportunity for prospective families to learn more about MYP at Notre Dame Academy. This event takes place in the spring, specific dates on the school calendar.
  • Interdisciplinary Units

    Each student in the MYP Programme (years 6-10) will participate in interdisciplinary units that connect concepts across subject areas.

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There are eight subject areas within the IB Middle Years Programme curriculum:
The Middle Years Programme: preparing students to be successful in school and to be active, lifelong learners.