At Notre Dame Academy, we live and teach the Marist Way of Life, and we believe that anyone can “Be Marist”. Chosen and called by Mary to bear her name and share in concern for the Church, the world, and the whole human race, Mary is our model in all that we do. We are called to think, judge, feel, and act as Mary did and to embody the Marist Charisms or virtues of Mary in our daily life.

“Being Marist” takes inspiration from Mary’s way of life:

Taking on Mary’s point of view. Mary’s way is the way of joy.
Letting the Holy Spirit change us gradually over time to be more like Mary.
Gently and humbly full of God’s grace in all that we do.

“Being Marist” means to aim to think, judge, feel, and act like Mary in all things.

Think = Forming thoughts through prayer with scripture
Judge = Answering, “in what direction is our Lord calling me to respond in my vocation?”
Feel = Restoring warm, strong & focused attention on Jesus
Act = Putting this into practice
At Notre Dame Academy we put this into practice by using the Marist Charisms.

List of 10 items.

  • Hospitality and Inclusion

    Receive guests in love and respect - Tolerate different perspectives of the truth, cultures and stations in life
  • Ardent Love of Neighbor

    Reach others in times of need and in crisis, even when uncomfortable or inconvenient
  • Generosity

    Saying no to greed, pride and power; live simply, unselfishly, and compassionately like Mary and stand against the forces of greed, pride, and violence
  • Hidden and Unknown

    Fully engage in life in a simple, joyful, and humble way, which does not bring personal attention to ourselves nor obscure someone’s path to finding Jesus
  • Discipleship

    Be always active in bringing people to Christ and renewing the Church
  • Merciful

    Being instruments of mercy; make room for other people’s suffering in our own hearts, and take action to help
  • Service

    Generously share our gifts of time, talent and treasure to bring people to Christ
  • Humility

    Live authentically in the world by God’s design doing great things for God and through God while never obscuring the workings of God
  • Tasting God

    Experience God personally through prayer, even in the busiest moments in life, characterized by deep faith and intercession for the whole world, especially the lost, the neglected, and the excluded
  • Doing the "Work of Mary"

    Embrace the missionary spirit by reaching out to all through prayer and service, excluding no one, so that all can be united in Jesus