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Being Marist

At Notre Dame Academy, we try to teach the Marian Way of Life through example. Here at ND Academy, we believe that anyone can "Be Marist" and can live to be like Mary by using the Marist values and attributes called the Marist Charisms. Our students learn how to put these Marist Charisms into action and even make connections to their IB education.

Anyone Can "Be Marist"

“Being Marist” is a MARIAN approach to life – living like Mary with the faith and attitudes she had.

“Being Marist” takes inspiration from Mary’s way of life:

  • Taking on Mary’s point of view. Mary’s way is the way of joy.
  • Letting the Holy Spirit change us gradually over time to be more like Mary.
  • Gently and humbly full of God’s grace in all that we do.

“Being Marist” means to aim to think, judge, feel, and act like Mary in all things.

  • Think = Forming thoughts through prayer with scripture
  • Judge = Answering, “in what direction is our Lord calling me to respond in my vocation?”
  • Feel = Restoring warm, strong & focused attention on Jesus
  • Act = Putting this into practice

We put this into practice at ND Academy using the Marist Charisms.

Marist Charisms