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Being Marist

Anyone can “Be Marist”

“Being Marist” is a MARIAN approach to life – living like Mary with the faith and attitudes she had.

“Being Marist” takes inspiration from Mary’s way of life:

  • Taking on Mary’s point of view. Mary’s way is the way of joy.
  • Letting the Holy Spirit change us gradually over time to be more like Mary.
  • Gently and humbly full of God’s grace in all that we do.

“Being Marist” means to aim to think, feel, judge and act like Mary in all things.

  • Think = Forming thoughts through prayer with scripture
  • Feel = Restoring warm, strong & focused attention on Jesus
  • Judge = Answering, “in what direction is our Lord calling me to respond in my vocation?”
  • Act = Putting this into practice

We put this into practice at ND Academy using these Marist Values & Attitudes:

Marist Charisms

1. Hidden & Unknown - Fully engage in life in a simple, joyful, and humble way, which does not bring personal attention to ourselves nor obscure someone’s path to finding Jesus

2. Merciful (Being instrument s of mercy) - Make room for other people’s suffering in our own hearts, and take action to help

3. Generosity (Saying no to greed, pride and power) - Live simply, unselfishly, and compassionately like Mary and stand against the forces of greed, pride, and violence

4. Discipleship - Be always active in bringing people to Christ and renewing the Church

5. Ardent Love of Neighbor - Reach others in times of need and in crisis, even when uncomfortable or inconvenient

6. Humility - Live authentically in the world by God’s design doing great things for God and through God while never obscuring the workings of God

7. Doing the ‘Work of Mary” - Embrace the missionary spirit by reaching out to all through prayer and service, excluding no one, so that all can be united in Jesus

8. Hospitality & Inclusion - Receive guests in love and respect - Tolerate different perspectives of the truth, cultures and stations in life

9. Service - Generously share our gifts of time, talent and treasure to bring people to Christ

10. Tasting God - Experience God personally through prayer, even in the busiest moments in life, characterized by deep faith and intercession for the whole world, especially the lost, the neglected, and the excluded